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The Role Of Language In The Life Of The Future Engineer

Posted by Juan on June 1, 2011 with Comments Closedas

In these difficult times – during the dawn of globalization – the knowledge of one or two foreign languages – an urgent need, not just measure intelligence and learning. By professional, social or personal reasons, the knowledge of At least one foreign language is a must for anyone who wants to keep pace with the times. Professional requirement – most likely the main reason that makes many of us to learn foreign language. Many jobs involve knowledge of at least one or two foreign languages, depending on the scope. To work in certain areas we need to know, first of all, international languages such as English, German, French or specific languages such as Chinese and Japanese. For example, for a specialist in the field of computer science and programming knowledge of English is very important.

Various standard programs are in English, since firms often enter into contracts with foreign investors. And to work with the program, you must know English. Learning English – this is the first step to a more in-depth study of programming language and to encourage professionalism in the field of informatics. Just knowing a foreign language for the programmer is considered prestigious. Comes from the respect of colleagues and partners, person feels a professional and confident in communicating with colleagues. When translations of English helps to avoid the slightest of errors and inaccuracies, which may prevent further work or crash the system. Just today, offers a lot of technical information literature, in which no knowledge of the language is not so easy to understand or even impossible.