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WEP Host

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Secure Shell is able to sustain not only terminal session and file transfer. Scp command is very similar to the standard command cp. The difference is that the source or recipient, must contain the address of the host, example: scp-p root @ host: / var / log / mail.Log scp-pr somedir hostname: First Team mail.Log downloads a file from a remote server. The second copy direktoriyutselikomtselikom user's home directory on another server. Habitual way of working with remote files – FTP, but it is not safe, because the data and passwords transmitted unencrypted. OpenSSH contains SecureFTP server that runs on linux systems by default. Most FTP-clients now support SFTP. Try to connect to @ hostname, to view the user's home directory.

SCP and SFTP use the same authentication method, like SSH, but if you configure the keys, they too will work. So far we have learned how to use SSH to configure secure remote terminal or remotely run X-applications, but because he has there is something else – SSH channel can be used as a tunnel for the other compounds, even if it's a different connection transmits data in clear text. Because the data passes through an encrypted channel, they are protected from prying eyes. This is especially useful if you use a wireless connection that is protected by WEP. Install the SSH-tunnel can be so: ssh-f-N-L 4321: home.Network: 25-f argument runs SSH in the background, and-N means that do not need to execute commands.

Redirecting handled by option-L, the host 3 parameters: first – the local port number (must be at least 1024, if you do not root), the second – the server to redirect, and the third – the port number on that server. At the end of the specified name user and remote host computer that will perform the redirect. Keep in mind, the host name in the mid-L option is allowed on a remote server, and you can enter localhost, but it is a potential confusion. Result command will look like if you have e-mail client to use localhost on port 4321 as server SMTP, which will be redirected through a secure channel on port 25 (standard port for SMTP) to home.Network. Want to – redirect traffic to another server, but the data will be encrypted only in the first section of the route (to the SSH server). This can be used if your firewall or proxy server does not allow connection to a specific server or port. SSH can do much more, and all through encrypted, authenticated connections. There are plenty of unexplored – what are you waiting for?


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