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And it works, themselves understand, without the general's effects – the most in any difficult situation: no write-downs of the weather, high winds, swaying trees, solar flare, a lot of people, vehicles and other targets that must be track. In general, it was done "for sebe. Were taken into account, and my moods, especially my wife. Tolerate hate repairs. Flatly refuses any of the builders at bay to the house. And if you notice that I'm trying to damage the finish laying of cables – divorce! In short, the installation has been excluded.

Is that very quickly, while his wife watches TV. Therefore, do not have to on-site and in the offices of the programmers. They have developed a mathematics to the system of "Next" to work without alteration of the old installation, but it's a few cameras that are more or less cover the perimeter of the barely form. Prior to that, it was believed that suggestive objective overview camera should blend in with the location rotating. The whole theory KSIZ proceeded from a "single point" from which align the district for guidance. And if not for my wife, then all would be well and continued to exist. By the way, KSIZ – computer system of artificial vision, the theory of which was described in SpetsLabe 8 years ago. And only now we have reached a practical embodiment. Rather, the past two years, as now. The military quickly smell This technology, today it is used in their protection of perimeters.