Russian Scientists

Posted by Juan on November 21, 2016as ,

Scientists claim that unraveled the secret of flying saucers, and they want to create technology-based UFO over fast and robust aircraft, which will be udevlyat its unusual design, and are destroying all the laws fiziki.Tak that in the near future we will face the very real flying saucers on the streets, as vohmozhno judge you, it aozmozhno regular hearings, and probably honest truth, soon we hope uvidim.Tolko interesting one, how long it takes scientists to build these aircraft, and live to see whether we are up to that time … Below is the article that suggest prochtitat … fascinating reading … Step closer to the creation of so-called plasma membrane for supersonic aircraft, which will at times increase their speed, approached the Russian physics. Connect with other leaders such as Mashable here. As reported in the Samara branch of the Physics Institute. PN Lebedev Academy of Sciences, to clarify the nature and impact of “shock waves in nonequilibrium media”, which occurs around the wing of an aircraft.

According to one theory, namely by managing those waves that succeed in an incredible agility, which give science fiction writers “flying saucer” aliens from other planets. “By controlling that flow through the magnetic field can be controlled by the aircraft, but it needs to create a flow of plasma in right place and with the desired properties, “- said one of the investigators of the effect, a graduate student Rinat Galimov. For the work of the scientist received a medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Work on the creation of the plasma membrane has been going on more than 20 years. We also found the work interesting astrophysical applications. It turned out that research in this direction will help to shed light on the nature of some astrophysical phenomena. Read more: News source.