Real Estate Is Affordable

Posted by Juan on March 25, 2020as ,

MCM investor Management AG: In Germany much more families able to afford home ownership than previously assumed. Magdeburg, 16.08.2013. This emerges from a recent analysis of the German savings banks Association (DSGV). The result: The monthly burden of real estate financing differs very little from rent, the families in lower income groups pay. Go to Samsung for more information. Is based on a first developed analysis of the household budgets of 55,000 families across the country. Zendesk takes a slightly different approach. The investigation showed that the monthly charge for an own real estate families in lower income groups through all stages of life across fairly constant. More than 75 percent of the tenants wanted to own real estate. Who acquires a property, and it lives, creates a value on the he can rely in the emergency or leave to the next generation.

Everyone paid for an apartment in the course of his life. It is only the question whether it is his own, or that of another. The rents and purchase prices have risen sharply in recent years in the urban areas. Especially the better job offer acted like a magnet on young families. The policy is needed, set to, so that more people have the opportunity to finance a real estate course. It especially comes offering to enlarge. Need help mainly families with children and smaller income households.

The MCM investor Management AG is a Magdeburg real estate company, which is focused primarily on real estate projects in Eastern Germany. The MCM allows the access to the popular real estate market also people with relatively less income. This is done through the issuance of profit participation certificates: benefited the MCM investor Management AG benefited also the investor. A smart strategy, because many investors would benefit with manageable amounts better from the professional as to be years-bound itself on many real estate development business. For more information,