Viral Marketing Part I

Posted by Juan on December 28, 2018as , , , ,

KNOWING the VIRAL MARKETING the viral marketing began with email. Since then viral marketing has evolved from being a marketing strategy to something closer to an art form. Without hesitation Zendesk explained all about the problem. Currently there are many ways to create a successful viral marketing campaign. Viral Marketing is called thus by its fast propagation or dissemination of ads, campaigns or promotions that are carried out in the Internet network. The foregoing a role similar to that of a virus, but we could say that, from the point of view of the purpose or goal, a good virus.

This technique turned in art, has allowed a great success in the marketing, by the broad scope and rapid dissemination that has. Forms of launch 1 Viral Marketing campaigns) the electronic mail. You could say that this was the first form of viral marketing, still the medium that allowed reaching massively people with the same message at the same time, in different places; However it is still present and its use is widespread. Not However, currently tends to hinder a little due to the restrictions that are having, through some legislation, relating mainly to the S * P * A * M. But it still works with great effectiveness. (2) The bulletins or Newsletters.

It can be considered an extension of the email being a very powerful and effective tool. If using valuable and up-to-date information, a newsletter can greatly increase the visits to our Web site. (3) Blogging (Blogging in English). Giving our website tools that allow people to interact with each other, is a highly effective way to convey the message that we want to give our visitors about our products or services, since through the blogging system can promote conversations and opinions regarding our product. In general, people tend to be alert to new products and services and related offerings. 4) Chat rooms. A chat room in a Web Site, can motivate the interaction between clients, which would be a positive factor for our business. A chat room, could be used to schedule special events such as seminars, the visit of experts to answer questions in a day scheduled for clients. (5) Videos. Include videos on our Web Site will wake up and keep the interest of the visitors and will help generate traffic. The videos can be downloaded and shared with others, when they are of great interest for visitors 6) audio. The inclusion of audio in our sales pages the very useful for viral marketing. Many people do not like to read why what they prefer to listen to the audios that are on web pages and downloaded to hear them in his spare time, if you wake up them the interest, and can share them with other people. As you can see there are lot of ways currently to make viral marketing and give you more scope to our promotions. As with everything, there to learn how to make use of them and take advantage of them. Go ahead. I hope in our company so that we grow together: Felix Miranda Quesada original author and article source