Tips For Buying A Printer

Posted by Juan on October 4, 2013as

There are many brands and models of printers in the Japanese market, but we find among those that meet our requirements and are more economical in the long term. How do I know which printer should you buy? To know which printer we buy, we must first know that there are primarily two types of printing technologies, ink jet (inkjet) and laser. The inkjet printers emit droplets of ink directly on paper and are inexpensive. Their main problem is that print quality is based on the quality of the paper. Laser printers are more expensive, both in equipment and in the toner (as opposed to inkjet printing using ink, laser printers use toner), but the impression is of better quality and are faster . For users who need to print photos, they may purchase an inkjet printer photo, because if you use a good photo paper, will have a good impression.

For users who make many black and white prints is recommended a monochrome laser printer, which can have a low cost of printing.

If we make many prints or print photos, the cost of inks is a very important factor by which we must look for printers that have less value with more inks and prints. There are printers very cheaply, but the inks are very expensive in the long run are more expensive. If we require multifunction printer (with fax, scanner, photocopy and printer), we must consider two things: There are printers that can make copies or scan papers, but not a book or small bills, as for copying, we must introduce the document in a tray of small space. This type of printers do not take up much space. If you use Windows in English, Portuguese or Spanish, we must bear in mind that the printer programs are at least in English, otherwise will have problems especially when scanning. Generally the HP (Hewlett-Packard) come with programs in English, since it is U.S. brand. Finally look to buy a printer that has the cable from the printer to the computer, as many printers come without them, and so avoid having to return to the store to buy the cable.