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Creating A Model-View-Controller Component Part 1

Posted by Juan on October 6, 2014 with Comments Closedas

Introduction This guide is devoted to the development component in Joomla 1.5 using the technology framework and scheme of mvc. You will pass through the entire process of its creation. As a result, will have developed a simple component Hello World! It will thicken in the following parts of the guide to show all the power and flexibility of the scheme mvc. Requirements: Joomla 1.5 or above. Introduction to the scheme of Model-View-Controller Despite the fact that the idea of a component may seem too simple, the code will be complicated by the addition of new properties and developing the user interface. mvc scheme can be used for an organization code for which separates business logic from data presentation. All business logic is placed in one location, which allows you to easily change the look or the way of interaction with the user without changing the very business logic.

mvc was originally developed to produce the input, processing the information and findings in According to the logic architecture of gui. This is the foundation scheme mvc in Joomla. Model The model is a part of the component that encapsulates the application data. Most often it is routine for the management and manipulating this data. In our case, the model will contain methods for adding, deleting and updating information about the list of meetings in the database, as well as for the list. In general, access to data must be encapsulated in the model. Thus, if the application should be moved from a system that uses a flat file to store information in a system that uses a database to alter only model, and the view or controller will remain unchanged.

Computer Equipment

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From the object dream home pc turned into a group of objects of daily demand. Many people can not imagine an elementary life without him. Can not possibly be called a personal electronic computers end the last century. Hard work on decreasing the size and weight of all components of the computer manufacturers have made it today's form. At what point is no matter for what purpose would not used a computer – almost any of them – a personal computer. Often people wanting zaimet PCs shipped in the computer shop. Professionals working in these stores, when choosing a buyer the right product, be sure to give him the full information. Specialists will undoubtedly recommend a client to choose the pc if he is not too versed in computers.

The performance characteristics and cost of recommended specialists products surely you must completely satisfied. Naturally, apart from computer stores have a chance to buy a pc in other ways. Sale and purchase of a pc is quite possible to carry on the ads, which are now found often. The newspapers often offers computers, had been in operation, their price is more profitable, better to buy them. Often requires a computer to produce not everyday purposes but for professional use.

Meet the special problem can be with the server, which provides ample function. On servers, the user can store a large amount of data, and there are other special features. For use in household conditions, the server does not get it sold for use in offices. Quality service to the computer, regardless of the type of equipment purchased by you should be envisaged. Special Service Department, or store where you purchased your computer, facilitate the conclusion of a contract for maintenance. Does the computer help center on the first treatment, you need to figure out when signing the contract. Repair, with indicated intervals, preventive inspection, a computer support to service center. Requires that the equipment was under the supervision and maintenance option you can pick up any. It is therefore necessary to conclude maintenance contract for the computer immediately after purchase. What do you do when the warranty period expired computer maintenance, and this technique is out of order? In this case, you should take a responsible approach to the selection of a man which will repair such a complicated technology. Often such students are engaged in repair, including many companies that do not have sufficient qualifications. Computer after the first such repair can work without fail, sometimes even longer time. Often, as this leads to a not very pleasant consequences, such as overheating, an unstable operating system and many others. For these reasons, the choice of a man engaged in repairing computers, should be approached responsibly. For such a specialist is very important experience, certificates, diplomas. If a man comes to his job seriously, he is without doubt warrants on the work performed. Conscientious specialist does not want to confuse the customer vague term of his field, he says, in plain language.

Tips For Buying A Printer

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There are many brands and models of printers in the Japanese market, but we find among those that meet our requirements and are more economical in the long term. How do I know which printer should you buy? To know which printer we buy, we must first know that there are primarily two types of […]