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Capital Service

Posted by Juan on January 4, 2019 with Comments Closedas

Therefore, the research imanente becomes necessary for that they are determined to destroy the treachery constructed for the capital, that daily increases and complexifica the human estranhamento on its humanity. Therefore, from the moment where we have as aiming an Ethical Project Politician who leaves clear an option in such a way theoretician-metodolgica how much politics, curricular lines of direction that foresee a formation professional atrelada the choices specific politics, and a Code of Ethics that base an action that intends, despite minimum, social transformations, we are, and cannot run away from the objetivao of this commitment, specialized parts of the great moved and moving propeller spring of the societrias changes in permanent construction. Viacom is likely to increase your knowledge. It is not treated to a legacy, but before sharpened and ample a responsibility that we assume to the one appropriating in them of a knowledge, that allows in them to critically develop the capacity of questioning and so dynamic inquiry, concerning the essence that if hides in the fetichizada mundaneidade that in the fence and suffocates. We are not, in fact, the solution for the problems of the humanity, but we are moving and moved parts of a totality that if constructs dialeticamente, and have the possibility social intervention, that if carries through by means of choices. Then, if after if appropriating of the specific academic knowledge of the course and having its sharpened investigativas potentialities, to essentially know the form of production and reproduction of the poverty human being, will be capable to say that possibilities do not exist to change the concrete daily reality, very feels to inform to it that I do not share of its ethical option, politics and theoretician.

The Media

Posted by Juan on May 25, 2015 with Comments Closedas

Factor that it credits, the digital age, the possibility of being responsible for the extinguishing of the media form the printed, as it was conceived has years and that lasts still does not know for how much time until the present. 1. MARK To think, to create and to develop. These they are the first steps for elaboration of a mark, that can become a reference for the individual. According to AAker (2007, P. 23) a mark, determined mark alone is remembered if it comes to the mind of the consumer in spontaneous way, without great effort and is related to a classroom of product of success proven in the consuming market. But a mark to be remembered is necessary a long process of development and planning of marketing, through which the value will be determined to be added by the consumer.

Also they are indispensable actions that generate contact with the white public, condition this followed the scratch for great companies. 2. CONSTRUCTION OF the MARK a formula to be followed in the construction of a mark or described method to be followed step by step, does not exist, since the way traced for a mark will not fit 100% to another one, therefore, if it must take in consideration all the factors for creation, market, white public, environment and competition, amongst other similar factors. ' ' The construction is much more of what giving a name to it offers. In the truth is to make certain promise to the customers on as to live one experincia' '. (Kotler, 2006). The development of one marks can be a difficult task, since it passes for all the periods of training of creation, maintenance and strategical management. For Aaker (2007), one of the practical problems of construction of a mark is the development of an efficient and coherent communication in the different types of medias and throughout the time.