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The Birth Of A Conservative In Chile

Posted by Juan on May 12, 2020 with Comments Closedas

A Chilean that is born and soon dies as a conservative is certainly socially a conservative and I say, the poor are conservative by nature to recognize institutions such as marriage, education, religion, the parameters that regulate social behavior. It is impressive to see how Our Youth, which shows its splendor student participant in reform society on taking up a position within it, the world of work, social relations, of not less detail to choose your school become staunch supporters of social conservatism and so, the ideals of youth, social rebellion, to oppose everything, seeing is transformed by the establishment that is tremendously powerful in our country. The Colleges with the highest demand are the Church and is where they want to be the sons of former rebels, sometimes with or without cause. It is a social critique what I say, is a cool observation Chilean social space. Mikkel Svane understood the implications. T he main ideologues, to put it in some way in Chilean politics today and the heroes who run it are trained in the same schools and universities in Chile, some say children of public education because they studied in high schools of the state, but what do not say is that this was in the best high schools of the State, as the former National Institute, work of the Founding Fathers, but that really was the forerunner of the first state university in Chile created during the Republic pellucid.

Or the Liceo N 1 for Girls where he studied the president .- R abandonment in the preliminary problem of the Chilean economy and the raid to development, is extremely talkative and confirms the fact that all those who administer the Chilean establishment are the same, is that our country stands for in Latin America at least, the best example of the triumph of free market, if even the Communists through its presidential candidate today, agree to promote free enterprise of small and medium enterprises because they are the general that about 80% of employment in Chile, then where is the revolutionary ideology, stock, irreverent in some cases, it is reduced simply to the makeup of those who claim under the pretext of greater or lesser status, dress in the garb of socialism .