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Judge Determines

Posted by Juan on September 7, 2013 with Comments Closedas , ,

The street Jose Maria Osborne changed its name under the law of historical memory. According to the ruling, this name evokes not the uprising or the Francoist repression. The judge says that the Sevillians associated this surname to wineries, wines or bulls. Osborne served on the side of Franco during the Spanish Civil war until his plane was shot down in 1938. A judge has ordered to return a Sevillian Street the name of Jose Maria Osborne, was retired pursuant to the law of historical memory, because such denomination not evokes, recalls or exalts the uprising, the Civil war or Franco’s repression.

The Court of the contentious-administrative 2 says in his ruling that 73 years after the start of the war, the majority of the Sevillians today associated with the surname Osborne wineries, wines or bulls and company La Cruz del Campo, Jose Maria Osborne was the President. Osborne was Aviator and during the Civil war made 48 connecting flights and 68 of war for the side Franco, and later became pilot military until his plane was shot down in December 1938. The ruling argues that the former Sevillian municipal government, chaired by Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirin (PSOE), not properly interpreted the law of historical memory in 2009 when removed the name to this street, and attends request Enrique Osborne, legitimized to do so to be nephew of the owner of the street, although not fit to consider your remaining requests that removed the names of the streets Dolores Ibarruri Passiflora and Jose Diaz. The judge examines the law of historical memory and says that a street name would enter into the category of symbols, and as such should evoke, because of its characteristics, the Civil war or the dictatorship, commemorating it, recalling it or highlighting it. Osborne added, did not participate in the military as a leader or developer revolt, but joined as a civilian pilot, could not participate in the Francoist repression because he died in 1938, so it only could be, in your case, a symbol of the Civil war to participate as a side and be crushed by the other pilot. But probably is unknown for the majority of the people of Seville his participation as a pilot in the Civil War, as well as his death in combat, says the statement. Therefore, according to current social conventions, pilot Osborne does not fit into the Group of names, plaques, shields monuments to be seen by the Sevillian today evoke him, remember or exalt the uprising, the civil war or Franco’s repression, says the judge in a ruling that cannot be appealed to the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA). Source of the news: A judge determines that a street in Seville again to have the name of a Francoist flyer