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Four Steps

Posted by Juan on February 3, 2024 with Comments Closedas ,

This article is dedicated that these looking for to develop, to mark, and to capitalize products, services and businesses. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is often quoted on this topic. And also it is dedicated to those marketeros that are trying to understand this new technology and new mentality to expose a business in Internet. Indifferently of the business, product or project that these trying to promote or to expose, a serious and effective marketing are what you are going to need. 1 – What is market? 2 – What is marketing? 3 – What is necessary to know about marketing? 4 – How to plan your marketing? It really does not matter in the level of marketing understanding that you are, to summarize the basic understandings would help you to reinforce your own knowledge. 1 – What is market? The record older than we have of the word market comes from the word in Latin mercatus, that means a variety of different institutions, social relations, infrastructures where people interchange and permute goods, services and products.

In simple Castilian, the market is the place where buyers and salesmen interchange things of values. The most common transaction is to interchange the money by the good. And although the word market or mercatus dates from the Xll century. Today we know very well that the market existed thousands and thousands of years BC. This means that the market is of the social structures older than they were used for not only establishing the value of the goods according to the demand and supply according to the local and global needs, but also the market was the place to establish social relations.

2 – What is marketing? Marketing is the process associated to the promotion of the sale of goods and services. It is the process to create, to communicate, to expose, to take and to interchange values. 3 – What is necessary to know about marketing? The fundamental base of any type of marketing would have to be focused in creating appraisable goods that cover needs with clients and consumers to establish forts social relations.