Quality Auditing and Management

Posted by Juan on June 16, 2023as

Usually this customer may be the Travel Coordinator Assistant or user client, but there are occasions where the client user is the same as the requesting client. The requesting client expected to be easy and effective communication with the travel agent if, as, that the means used are those that best suit their needs. This customer expects to receive advice and timely, friendly and clear to your requirements, in such a way that you can prepare effective user client travel. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Customer Resources Manager, is one who has to balance tile products and services regularly purchased by through the travel agency. They are usually the Dept. of Treasury, Head of suppliers and / or other areas depending on the type of corporate client. This client looks forward to reporting and clear and timely backups on services used by the client user, in order to reconcile and plan to pay them. Also, expect the travel agent can get the best rates and discounts for the company.

To provide a quality service, these three categories of customers within each corporate client must be fully satisfied. To which you must identify the needs and expectations of each and work in the proper design of service delivery processes that allow their effective realization. In turn, the time of satisfaction measurement, consider these three categories as interdependent and interacting, to identify and assess the level achieved in service satisfaction. Each of these three categories by themselves, can cause a customer Corporate prefer to keep or end a business relationship with the Travel Agency. Although many travel agencies nationwide have clear these three categories of clients within a corporate client in conceptual terms, and that address and offer its audiences based on the quality of service provided, very few are working in a real improvement in their processes of identifying the real needs of these three categories in order to sustain the quality of service offered within.

The tourism industry in general, which are part of the travel agencies still have a culture very poor in the aspect of quality of service and quality management.