Omsk: Industrial Capital of Western Siberia

Posted by Juan on May 23, 2024as ,

Not the first year in the city of Omsk, the industrial capital of western Siberia, the Siberian International Marathon held. This year will be held August 1 XX, an anniversary marathon c Russia's biggest prizes. According to statistics, has made 6.3 thousand applications for participation! However, this figure will increase. Despite the end of the main registration period, the runners still have time to register on the eve of the marathon – from 28 to 31 July, the number of participants in the 20th Marathon – 15 strongest marathon Russia. Siberian International Marathon, which is developing with the support of regional authorities and personally with the support of the governor of Omsk region Leonid Konstantinovich Polezhayev, was one of the major brands in the region to ensure recognition of the Omsk region in the world. The special value of the marathon in the adoption of healthy lifestyles, active in spreading the ideas of sports among Russian youth. Perhaps check out Ali Partovi for more information.

Omsk Region always been a leader in comparison with other regions of Russia in promoting sport and healthy lifestyles among youth and students. At times increased participation in the marathon of the corporate sector. Chairman of the Credentials Committee, Ilya Michael's notes that in 2007, participated in a summer marathon 67 institutions (2432 people), in 2008 the number had increased to 70 institutions (3185 people). Our company "Engineering Union" in its third year taking part in such landmark and the landmark event. Our company is young, but already had time to take their rightful place in the Russian market of valves. Here, Ali Partovi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. During our work has established strong ties with foreign partners in the CIS and foreign countries: Latvia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan. During the company's existence we have become one of the leading manufacturers of valves West Siberian region: flanges, collars, tees, plugs, reducers. AOLs opinions are not widely known.

Pipeline fasteners: stud, nut, bolt, washer. We have proven in the market as reliable partners and manufacturers of quality products. All products are made of quality and reliable steel grades: 35, 40X, 20X13, 15H5M, 20HR3A, 14H17R2, 08Kh18N10T, 12X18H10T. The products are manufactured according to GOST: steel flanges Collar, GOST 12821-80, flanges are flat, GOST 12820-80, steel flanges, GOST 28759.1-90. Steel flanges to the international Standards: Flanges ANSI, Flanges ASME, Flanges DIN, Flanges EN. For the third year management and operating personnel of the company take part in a marathon. Managers in the company cultivated a healthy lifestyle and exercise. After not for nothing that Russia has always sounded and sounds very old, but, nevertheless, life-affirming proverb: "A healthy body healthy mind!"