Mixed Outlook For Engineers

Posted by Juan on May 6, 2024as ,

BAI – graduates-graduates-index III 2008 financial crisis slows job of BAI III 2008 (graduates graduates index) recorded positive in contrast to the battered financial markets. The growth but more restrained than 2007. Still the index rises to 9 on 276 points and again reached record levels. Significant trends the autumn quarter 2008 brings an unexpectedly strong contraction of the job for engineers: the situation of the civil engineers (-96) is particularly drastic. Materials scientists (-20), electrical engineer (-13), and machinery (-8) are also affected. (+ 28) Informatics and Business Informatics (+ 33) tend, however, positively. If the negative trend of the engineers is a harbinger of a shrinking of the overall labour market, remains to be seen.

However, Germany as an export nation by the international slowdown is made especially because stems in particular the demand for capital goods and thus fewer jobs for engineers. Economics sets since the summer of 2006 the job market for economists to continuously. Neither positive nor negative outliers disturb the image. Thus, the Economics show up to date economic resistant. In III/2008 increases the BAI by 8%. Isearch often expresses his thoughts on the topic. After a slight decline in the BAI in the industrial engineers in the last quarter, the trend upward industrial engineering once again. Thus, the interdisciplinary engineering the only curriculum is discipline, which was not covered by a decline in job. “Computer science equivalent to Business Informatics, which leads this BAI, intensified demand for classic” computer scientists clear.

An increase of 28 points will continue the ongoing now for over 2 years upward trend of job for computer science graduates. After a decline in student numbers since 2000, the Department in the winter semester recorded 07/08 for the first time again growing enrolment numbers. Mechanical engineering has stagnated since end of 2007 graduates jobs for engineering. At Bobby Sharma Bluestone you will find additional information. This fall loses the BAI for the first time since 2006 8 points. The number of students of this compartment, however, increased by 11% (27700 new registrations). Generally, the VDMA 2009 anticipates a deal late development in the different fields of mechanical engineering. “The consumption – and construction-related professional sectors such as textile rather likely to printing or construction machinery, on the dark side”, while still good could be for energy and raw material-related areas such as metallurgical and rolling mill facilities or power systems to very growth prospects “result. It remains exciting. Electrical engineering similar to the engineering of engineering experienced a slight downturn in graduate vacancies. The BAI SAG to 13 points. However, industry experts do not expect for the sector with dramatic slump in the wake of the turmoil in capital markets. Although is undisputed, that the fat years with record growth are over, but you can consume some time by full order books.