Leadership Coaching

Posted by Juan on July 10, 2017

Everyone has a lighthouse that governs our lives, in some cases is located along the coast, in others, we as a family relation, sometimes we find in our profession, in the Western world we tend to look for headlights in the outside world. However far fewer occasions has an inner energy that is perceptible to others, essentially this idea comes from Eastern philosophy and theology, including Catholicism, each where you find it more in line with its complete alignment values and beliefs, having this inner balance is allowed to shine on those who follow us in our way, and today I will discuss these farosque allow the world evolves, these headlights interior.

It is proven that we are born with intrinsic motivation, a need to learn that emerges as they unfolds the stages of our life, to be one of the key management and all good Faro or leader has to have this quality and transfer to their fellow travelers. And to learn, as Aristotle said, should be taught to others, not with a desire for personal glory but for the simple fact to keep learning, and you learn new insights about what is known, if you try to explain to people with different mental maps achieve a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge acquired in the past coupled with the internal motivation or leader make reference Faro. Pete Cashmore follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. What lies behind us and what exists in front of us is insignificant if it is only seen in isolation, compared with what exists within us that we need to empower doing introspective glances at every moment of our lives.