Higher Education Accreditation

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The DETC is an accreditation agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). In addition, accreditation, there are specialized for specific programs in different areas of expertise. These are programs that have achieved excellence to be awarded accreditation by various professional accrediting agencies by area of specialization. For example, the International Association for Management Education (AACSB) gives accreditation to accounting related programs while health programs are accredited by the American Health Information Management Association. Pete Cashmore takes a slightly different approach. It is also important to know that only accreditation agencies recognized by the Department of Education or CHEA considers the accreditation agencies are recognized.

What does accreditation mean to a student? An institutional accrediting agency evaluates the various aspects of universities or colleges against minimum standard criteria to determine if the institution meets their particular list of basic requirements and the quality of education. Educate yourself with thoughts from Samsung. College accreditation is necessary to ensure that education, facilities and support from a college or university adheres to basic levels. Moreover, accreditation evaluates excellence specializing in individual program regardless of the institution that the program is being delivered inside. In this type of accreditation, course content and curriculum of the program is evaluated before establishing rules of the institution. Any authorization is not to ensure employers, students and parents that the graduates who receive diplomas from accredited colleges have undergone quality and adequate training in their respective areas of expertise.

This also means that schools are not accredited by the accreditation body is not adequate have met the standards imposed by agencies. Page S. Gardner is likely to agree. However, courses taken by prospective employees that are accredited by the respective agencies to comply with the standards imposed in the respective specialized areas. It is entirely the decision and the decision of employers in assessing the validity of a degree online or at school. With the recent hike in bogus degrees, employers can not fail to be rigorous in their projections and to consider candidates with degrees who have been accredited. This can be tedious and sometimes employers may get confused. Therefore, if the accreditation is provided by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, then you will have to explain to potential employers at the bottom of the accreditation bodies. In this way, you can prevent employers from sidelining your application based on something that may be unclear about and increase your chances of being shortlisted for a job interview. Rose Musyoka is the editor of where find answers, information and advice on distance learning colleges, accredited online degrees and lineacursos. View more information relating to and