Educational System

Posted by Juan on June 16, 2016as

According to it, to have high quotient spiritual (QS) implies to be capable to use the spiritual to have a richer and fuller life of direction, adjusted sense of purpose and personal direction. The QS increases ours horizontes and it becomes in them more creative. It is an intelligence that stimulates in them. It is with it that we approach and we solve problems of sensible and value and develop ethical values and beliefs that go to guide our actions. This way to think the espiritualidade demands a deep diving in the condition human being, in a self-knowledge perspective. From an extended conception more of human being, the hilo-holotrpico human being (Grof, 1992, 1997) considered by Grof, notices it importance to consider this aspect in the educative process, one time that we understand such process as a privileged space of formation of the human beings from the construction of the knowledge permeado for the pedagogical relation. Therefore, we consider that practical the educative one demands methods and strategies that have for objective the integral constitution of the human being, that is, that they lead in account, not only the individual, but the different 0 variable that concur for the pedagogical relation; individual/society/species is not only non-separable, but also co-producers one of the other. In other words, as experience specifically human being, the education is a form of intervention in the world and demands of the part of the educators the courage to assume the inteireza of the condition human being. The understanding of the existence and the nature of the lived deeply experiences are a process that the man leads to identify itself with other aspects, beyond the physical body, of the feelings and of the imposed culture that, many times, proclaims only truths propiciadoras of a false vision of world, cerceadora of the totality of the being.