Attachments in Email

Posted by Juan on December 15, 2019as

In these cases the attachment is inevitable and it is advisable to send it, but … 3. In some cases, when it comes to sending a text document, picture or video is preferable to send the link where it can be read. In this way the recipient will be able to seamlessly access and make it as often as you wish. 4. They should take more than one email account and from different vendors for several reasons. One is to have several alternatives in case of failure of any of the pages that we offer the service.

If so, we turn to our own alternative in case we need urgently to send a message. 5. To know more about this subject visit Samsung. If you work or study and institutional mail, use it only for employment or academic affairs. Companies make significant investments in technology and the least we can ask in return is a good use of it. 6. If you usually subscribe to pages related to topics of interest or tenders would be highly desirable to have an email account solely for these purposes, then you will receive a large amount of shipping that will soon clog your inbox. 7.

On the internet there is nothing that looks like privacy or confidentiality. Even if you have a key and protect anonymity in a case, it is always possible to know who and where sent. So it is best not to transmit messages “top secret” by this means. 8. Use mnemonic names of users, that is easy to remember and associated with your identity. Someone whose name is, for example, Arnulfo Cardona, would do well to take into an account similar to this. 9. Descartes usernames of how serious we take it back and image. is a good example of user names not be used. Can you imagine the reaction of human talent manager of a company when you receive a job application from an account like this? 10. Do not forget to close your Mail page when you finish working. Not enough to close the page you need to press “exit” or “logout.” This measure is useful even when working on your own computer. We will avoid headaches and be a good measure to avoid being “stolen” the key and with it, the account and all its contents. Read and write. Read a lot and hope that good books are part of your menu reading. And when you read and write via email to focus on what you mean, but do not forget who writes mainly for busy people and only wanted to see interesting things on the Internet. Do not disappoint for the world. Read this article Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a renowned lecturer and writer Italo-Colombian. Contact him through his mail and visit your page.