Wireless Networks

Posted by Juan on August 23, 2012as

The companies who if do not worry about security of the information, cultivate imperfections in its infrastructure of net degrading the confidencialidade, integrity and availability of its systems, archives and servers thus facilitating the risk to suffer a simple attack up to one total non-availability from its managemental systems. 1,1 JUSTIFICATION the process of evolution of the Systems of Information – ITSELF she parallel walked with the technologies of computer science and telecommunications. The evolution of the technology collaborated for sprouting of the computer networks and the improvement of its capacity of processing, with the sprouting of new systems that make possible greater integration of the enterprise areas. This technology it provides mobility, agility and freedom in its use. Instead of handles, modem and other half physicists stop of if getting access to the Internet and nets shared with other devices, the net without wire alone need a plate of net without wire installed in the 2 equipment and a signal opened for free use as it is the case in airports, shopping, among others (RUFINO, 2005). All this evolution made possible the integration of systems through server and computer networks with great capacity of processing of information that if became popular between people and companies, therefore currently is practically impossible to think about conectividade without the existence of computer networks.

With this the market is concentrated in one of the new and revolutionary technological trends: the communication for nets without wire (Wireless Networks). Therefore, ahead of the relevance of the subject, the nets without wire must be safe and trustworthy to the users through implementations criptografias and firewalls leaving to be an easy target for intentioned bad people as hackers. 1.2 The PROBLEM Thus, the problem generated in this study is: Of that it forms can itself be carried through a security in the nets without wire? Verifying and I understand as wireless is possible to implement solutions of security in nets to drastically reduce the vulnerabilities of the information.