USD Existing Home Sales

Posted by Juan on April 12, 2024as

The greenback remained stable The U.S. data were negative, but traders were ignored The Vista operating volumes were low night Double action It is expected that the USD is estimated will stick to the Friday times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 10:00 am USD Existing Home Sales are expected OPEC session ended with some falling greenback, but continues to maintain profits this week, the euro gained ground slightly to end the day, as did the Swissy and Loonie, but in the main there were few noteworthy events during the day. Operating volumes remain low and liquidity is lacking, however, some banks began to operate robustly. Without hesitation technology investor explained all about the problem. While U.S. data that were released were ignored by the operators, it is noteworthy that were negative, and once things get back to “normal” scheduled publications begin to impact on the American currency. The USD seems to be reaching its limits, given that today’s currency American fell slightly, from Monday. The record book values not reached five years ago, in the area of 1.6035.

The maximum recorded EURO in New York reaching the 1.2892 area, then fell behind the observed sales. The EUR was around the 1.2800 area for most of the day and closed at 20% of range, producing a clear technical signal shopping. USD / JPY continued to fall, as the Yen is dominating the short-term action in the market. The pair recorded in the area minimum of 96.17, some analysts see as inevitable the 95.00 area before a significant change.