Understanding Your Life Through Color

Posted by Juan on April 14, 2024

A friend of the authors, they knew in the mid-70s, named Nancy Ann Tappe. Nancy authored the book called Understanding Your Life Through Color (Understanding your life through color.) This book contains the first data about what she called "Children ndigo." How does she see the colors? How accurate is that? Nancy has been diagnosed with a situation in which two of her neurological systems cross, and that means she can literally see the human aura. She sees electromagnetic fields, colors and frequencies. Types of Children ndigo There are four different types of ndigos, each with a purpose: 1. The humanist: the first is the humanist ndigo is designed to work with the masses.

They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, traders, businessmen and politicians of tomorrow. They will serve the masses and are extremely hyperactive and sociable. They will talk with everyone, always in a very, very friendly. They are clumsy and very hyperactive. Sometimes it crashes into a wall because they forgot the brakes. They do not know how to play with a toy, but I will draw all parties to contain and probably then not touch it again. They are the type of person who must constantly be reminded of things, they often forget the simple commands and distracted. They are ferocious readers.

2. The concept: The concept ndigos are more interested in projects involving human subjects. They are the engineers, architects, designers, astronauts, pilots and soldiers of tomorrow. They are not stupid, however, are very athletic children. Are controlled and the person who is trying to control her mother if they are children, and her father are girls.