Trainees With Top Marks

Posted by Juan on February 3, 2019as

Trainees close as best in class from Ebermannstadt, Vierling 15.03.2011. The trainees of the EMS provider (electronic manufacturing services) Vierling from Ebermannstadt complete their training with very good grades and make the best of their vocational school classes. Ingrid Kraus from Konigsfeld in Schesslitz completed training as an industrial clerk with a certificate section of 1.37 as best in class. Susanne Braun from Behringersmuhle scored an average of 1.75. In the technical training to the electronics devices and systems, Richard Stern from Unterleinleiter reached a testimony cut 1,22. Martin Teichmann from Ebermannstadt as best-in-class scored a certificate note by 2.11 and pass-fail testing of 1.5. The vocational schools winning Ingrid Kraus and Richard Stern with book prices.

Training in all departments was demanding the training at four of a kind and we had to learn a lot. With the support of instructor and Department head about was to create”, says Richard Stern. There, the different areas was particularly exciting to go through, for example, accounting, human resources, order processing and project management”, of the House reported Ingrid Kraus. Now I am working as a project assistant in a customer project team. Here there are demanding lots of tasks with much customer contact.” Pictures please ask for pictures at: Dr.

Markus Diehl (09194 97-284,) Rene Ruhmann (left), technical training manager from Poppendorf Pretzfeld and Thomas Schmitt (right), commercial training manager from Heiligenstadt Richard Stern Unterleinleiter, Martin Teichmann from Ebermannstadt, Susanne Braun from Behringersmuhle and Ingrid Kraus from Konigsfeld in Schesslitz (left to right) congratulations on outstanding achievement in education. Ingrid Kraus and Richard Stern concluded as best in class. About electronic manufacturing services (EMS) electronic manufacturing services (EMS) include the complete contract manufacturing of electronic components, devices and systems: product concept and development of material management, PCB Assembly and Final Assembly to repair services, sophisticated test concepts and worldwide delivery. Customers of EMS service providers come from all sectors, including automation, automotive, energy, information, aviation, medical, control and environmental technology. Typical EMS projects ranging from the SMD mounting design, development (hardware and software), manufacturing and delivery of complete equipment and systems. Four of a kind the kind production GmbH from Ebermannstadt in Nuremberg offers electronic manufacturing services (EMS) for companies in all industries. As an EMS provider, manufactures and develops Vierling electronics from the Assembly to the complex electronic device or system. The range of the product concept, as well as the hardware and software design of the PCB Assembly (SMT / THT) to final assembly. Customers of four of a kind come inter alia from the automation industries, automotive, energy, information, aviation, medical, control and environmental technology. In Plaisir in Paris one is with Vierling communication SAS independent subsidiary specializing in telecommunications technology.