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Posted by Juan on January 11, 2013 with Comments Closedas

So that a text is considered objective, it must clearly be and concise, beyond presenting a neutral point of view. Neutrality the myth of the scientific neutrality it bases if in the estimated one that the objetividade of science is enough to suspend the subjectivity of the scientists, ledo deceit since the choice of what it goes to study or to search the scientist makes choices that are influenced by N aspects of personal matrix: interests politicians, social, economic, In the generality science has been the science of a classroom, for not being neutral as it proclaims to be. According to studious Mauro Kwitko the neutrality is a special, interior state, at the same time, that it inside leads in them to the holy ghost of us, it is the proper The holy ghost inside of us. The Neutrality is a state in which we do not act more under the control of our Ego, where we are libertos of this aspect of our individuality, that, in the truth, is our proper individuality. In a similar way where this individuality is the responsible one for our survival in this Land, for our preservation while to be alive, it is a obstaculizante factor to the access that the holy ghost intends to have on us. Explaining better: the Neutrality is a state where we obtain to domesticate our Ego, where we do not think more through it, and yes, through ours Superior I. The thought is very different that comes of our Ego of the thought that comes of ours Superior I. While our Ego thinks about ' ' eu' ' ' ' meu' ' , ours Superior I think about ' ' ns' ' ' ' nosso' ' ; while our Ego lives for its interests, ours Superior I live for the common interest; while our Ego only thinks about surviving, in having, in reaching goals and objectives, strengthen that it still more, ours Superior I want the opposite, I want to dissolve myself in All. The Neutrality is not to become involved itself with what it is not of its account, is not to think on that is not its, not to give palpite on somebody to be that this has asked for an opinion to it, is not to judge, not to criticize, not to impacientar themselves, not to annoy themselves, not to magoar themselves, not to feel themselves rejected, not to feel itself more than abandoned, fondness not to be what the others, and nor less, not to want to acquire corporeal properties more than what it really needs to have a good life, comfortable insurance and, is not to proclaim its qualities and knowledge, its erudio and learnings, is not to want to convince nobody, not to establish debates and quarrels regarding nothing, but also not to keep silent when it is invited to think, not to abstain when it is invited to give its opinion, not to want to sobressair itself and nor to desire to hide itself, not to want to be back in the front, but also not to place themselves there behind.