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Dale Carnegie

Posted by Juan on December 16, 2018 with Comments Closedas

When a problem arises, try to stay calm, but face it, abordalo and takes the opportunity to learn. Living without problems is not possible thing on this planet, then what is left? although it seems that no, actually we have two possible alternatives, and we moved from the planet or will we face the problem. Viacom usually is spot on. The problems encourage our courage and wisdom, but still, they create our courage and wisdom. The problems are the critical element that distinguishes between success and failure. Only because of the problems we grow mentally and spiritually.

M. Scott Peck We must respect and honor the difficulties, a light and a difficulty is insurmountable difficulty is a sun. Paul Valery is not because things are difficult that we dare not do it. Because we dare not make them difficult. Seneca A well-posed problem is a problem half solved.

Dale Carnegie What I mean is that the Internet is not a “problem but” by contrast, may be the solution to many of your problems. But to have an effective performance must rid your mind of the “Other” problems and dedicating yourself to think. You’ll wonder how this guy wants to devote myself to think and I forget about my problems? Do not ask why, I ask only that you learn to separate the times. You should leave time to take care of the problems and then think about the Internet. The two things are separate, do not coexist together. The time you spend to the Internet, release it from the outside, just think of this new career, or job function you are trying to form.The only way to grow in this medium. You know that there are problems, do not let it stuns you so that any impact is new task you set out. If you put all your efforts to discover on the internet, an exciting new world of possibilities and where you can surprise yourself, where you will discover within yourself qualities and conditions not imagine. Only remains for me to tell you that you know this opportunity, which start from where your instinct creates more convenient, but it starts now. But do not forget that the most important of all: think, think and think. I left for the final this definition I found in a book about the problems because it seemed the best: Fixing the problems is like trying to fix the clouds of heaven.