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Posted by Juan on March 29, 2018 with Comments Closedas

If Jules Verne would raise his head to one of his most famous, the German professor Otto Lidenbrock, look for the route to reach the center of the earth through an invention like the elevator. And is that if researchers now walk in the idea of a space elevator can give us, like scouts, to places as remote and unthinkable as the moon. KONE, a leading manufacturer of vertical transportation (elevators, escalators and automatic doors) has done the reverse operation. That is, created in Lohja (Finland) Tytyri mine. There, at a depth of 333 feet, make sweat any of the lifts to prove with absolute safety and security measures. The reason for this hole in the depths of the earth is nothing but to seek optimal solutions for enhancing lifting solutions on the market. “The hollow of the mine is an underground community with a network of galleries, roads and tunnels for secure test innovative lifts, explains Monica Martin, Director of Marketing KONE Spain.

“It’s the highest testing center worldwide and of itself a great innovation. There, at a speed of 17 meters per second “launch” the elevators to see their strength and reliability. ” In this well-sized and sits on a limestone mine equipment KONE innovation has changed the concept of elevator testing tower. “For all these tests the center extends an operating structure with an intricate network of holes, transportation routes and tunnels that allow efficient and safe installation of lifts testing team,” Martin stressed. In this pit the equipment installation of elevators for your tests, uses a solid transportation routes and rapid assembly into the hole.

So, as if the miners should address, KONE engineers carried out in two pits dug advanced studies in areas such as transmission systems, motor controls, ride comfort, the influence of pressure air safety and installation methods. “The fact that the environment is embedded in solid rock makes highly stable installation serves as a laboratory of external conditions,” adds Martin. . Contact information is here: Steve Case.