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Iron Company

Posted by Juan on November 29, 2019 with Comments Closedas

The side facades along these same lines, the same type of composition, decoration and meaning, with the volume of flags, their different functions, as with the courier, the mail and monitoring service. "Architectural training Ribes takes place mainly in Madrid and Barcelona that only makes two subjects to study architecture of the first course, covering in your stay in Barcelona to pursue their studies of "Mathematical Physics" of those who made three courses in a career first seemed to be the most interested, because the architecture was studying as a student with bright free and qualifications. However it is clear that in those years came into contact with that world that later would be his "architecture." His training in Madrid dates from the years 1896-1902, in the environment of the School of Architecture, and the years 1902-1912 as a professional, beginning to work on the Iron Company of North Road through which had to perform or assist in a number of railway architecture from which we can ascribe the two twin office buildings of the Principe Pio station and garage semicircular for locomotives in the Principe Pio station, North Station in Barcelona. He also did some work at particular as warehouses and cooperation in carrying out the Casino de Madrid, and various cultural activities (Small Magazine Monographs) and college (assistant secretary of the Central Association of Architects of Madrid). Later he moved to Valencia where he produced some of his best particular at the Gare du Nord and we can qualify among the best in Spain. . For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Bakish.