Organizational Culture Towards Total Quality Management

Posted by Juan on May 31, 2015

It is time that the Venezuelan companies, especially its SMEs, to identify more with the changes, transformations, all that is required to ensure competitiveness, customer satisfaction, opportunities and know the challenges, more, on stage very uncertain, very uncertain, risky, now appears as a consequence of political instability, which has led to inflation, economic problems. It is necessary that their management cares about fostering a change in the current organizational culture that have been developed, and does not guarantee success, achievement, achievement, effective participation, knowing optimize their production processes are reflected in an excellent productivity and certainly in a good quality of its products, disservice, customer satisfaction. It is necessary to instill once and for all the need to encourage businesses within the total quality programs, spook everyone involved in scope, impact, benefits. Where the train company, form a its human resources in terms of total quality that is beneficial in productivity, operability of the organization to achieve competitiveness, winning markets, acceptance of products, the company must have as a competitive advantage to have a total quality program well defined to ensure gains in productivity and in products offered, with the solvency of a quality that not only complies with national regulations, but international. Within the organizational culture of the company must receive the commitment to have a total quality in production processes, which happened to plans, actions, strategies to ensure a profitable culture for all human resources working in the company, . Culture is something to which all employees contribute.