New Timetabling Software

Posted by Juan on July 22, 2014as ,

PTraffic for manipulating timetables Buxtehude. Mostly software with many features and a correspondingly high price is used for the input and processing of schedule data. PTraffic is a simple software for entering and editing of schedules. As the data format the portable table format “used, can be used to create platform-independent browser applications. PTraffic offers mainly functions to the input and management of stations, lines and timetables. The schedule Editor provides convenient features for a simple and fast input of the schedules.

The built-in browser applications contain information about stops and lines as well as timetables and departure plans. PTraffic generates data in the portable table format”on that with the open-source software PublicSQL can be accessed. As a result, individual Web applications can be created. Through the simple and platform-independent data format is to be expected in the future with many add-on products by PTraffic users. On the homepage of PTraffic is its own Section planned. PTraffic is an interesting alternative for companies where other products are too large or expensive. Also for the home keyword personal timetable”- PTraffic can be used.

Especially the way is interesting to create your own JavScript applications for Internet programmers. To PTraffic, the free viewer is available PTraffic show. Ptraffic user can make available their own projects to a wider audience. A professional version of PTraffic with additional facilities is planned for the end of 2011. PTraffic is now available under for 29 euro. A free demo version can be downloaded there as well.