Economic Benefits

Posted by Juan on February 2, 2015as

Have the right goal: the right strategy should aim to obtain economic benefits. Economic benefits present when the consumer is willing to pay for a product more than the cost of its production. If the aim is to gain market share or sales volume, behind which, presumably, be followed by profit, strategy, as There are usually unsuccessful. The same happens when policies are put at the heart of the desire of investors. 2. Help the company to offer value or benefits that distinguish it from its competitors: a strategy in this case is neither a search universal tool for winning over the competition, nor an attempt to be all things to all customers. It determines the path of competitiveness, during which the company offers a unique value, which is expressed either in peculiar combination of uses or for special combinations of consumers.

3. Reflected in certain value chain: to gain a competitive advantage the company should or do something else than its competitors, or do the same thing as their competitors, but in another way. The company must configure the process of production, logistics, maintenance, marketing, personnel management and so on in another way than its competitors, and all these actions must be configured in unison with a unique proposal, which the company does. If the company is engaged in copying the best existing in the industry, very soon it will be the same as everyone else and would be difficult to get a competitive advantage. 4. Imply a rejection of all superfluous: the company must abandon some features of your product, service or activity in order to maintain its uniqueness.