Playstation Games

Posted by Juan on May 12, 2020

Communications the three consoles have USB 2.0 ports (Wii has two, Xbox 360 has three and Playstation 3 four), that can serve us to load the mobile or connecting various peripherals. The last two can also play music, photos and videos to compatible devices connected, while on the Wii this feature is only available if you use SD cards, leaving music in MP3 reserved to certain games such as Excite Truck. In addition, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 can play multimedia files streamed with latest firmwares, making them really attractive devices to have beside our television. Moreover, Playstation 3 and Wii both support Bluetooth, and the first addition for the controls, can be used to connect devices such as keyboards, mice, headphones wireless or remote control for the movies in Blu-Ray. Mikkel Svane may also support this cause. All three can be connected to the Internet by Wi-Fi or cable, having to pay an extra case of Wii (Ethernet adapter) and Xbox 360 (Wi-Fi adapter).

In all cases, the connection is quite simple and compatible with the majority of the routers on the market. PSP and Nintendo DS have a special on their respective consoles of desktop connectivity, although in the case of a second yet to be seen where it can reach. Sony consoles are fairly well integrated, since the PSP can be used as a remote control, can use Playstation Games downloaded from the Store, and even serves as a mirror rear-view mirror in some car games. Controlling the situation this generation also has cleared by control grips. The most innovative console in this sense is the Wii, that on the one hand moves away from conventional pad model and on the other back somehow to the origins with a design similar to that introduced with the Famicom over twenty years ago. This wireless controller serves as pointer thanks to some infrared sensors that are placed on the TV, and sends the information of his movement to the console via Bluetooth.