Electric Bicycles

Posted by Juan on August 13, 2013

Bicycle & slippage – to (electric assisted bicycle) and bicycle ecology & slippage – A: are transport more ecological. go bike! It is very easy, it is a simple fun being useful for our health and the planet Earth would like to know why? Each year taking the decision to go biking as much as slippage – to us would save 100 billion liters of crude oil. Mankind spends millions of hours each year in traffic jams more than we asfixiamos ourselves with all kinds of locomotion, less with the slippage and bikes – to. Studies show that conduct in car increases blood pressure, causes aggressiveness and creates a few short negative mood changes biking improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthening the muscles and reducing stress. Bicycles are more than just fun! and they are usually transport faster to get to work without sweating. In these times of crisis the car or your motorcycle carry a cost prohibitive maintenance in what is gasoline, insurance, change of brakes, oil, tires, battery lost time in jam, stress, helmet, car parking, breakdown, etc. a myriad of cost that only our pocket is given account. Cars and motorbikes are the main source of noise pollution in urban areas, destroy the dream, tension increases and decreases quality of life unlike, bicycles as the b-e – A homologated are inexpensive maintenance, are not complicated, do not require insurance, registration, favors health, not issued C0, are a pleasure to drive in silence allowing us to bring us closer to the listening of nature.