Container Tracking Prevents Theft

Posted by Juan on January 27, 2015as

The new container tracking of HIMATIC GmbH protects the range of HIMATIC GmbH, Meerbusch round theft new devices for the detection of the container off. Many companies in the waste and recycling sector know the problem that entire container be stolen not only goods from the containers, but some. The more valuable goods, the greater is the likelihood that goods or whole container fall victim to thieves. In the containers, raw materials for several thousand euros are part, which means that the damage can be enormously. The biggest challenge for a container tracking is the power supply. Since most containers have no internal power source, remains just the way via batteries or batteries.

Is important, that the batteries as long as possible and work reliably and the appliances consume less energy. Here the Meerbuscher telematics HIMATIC company has a container location in the program now with the HC2000, that without power up to 3 years reliably position sends the data to a Web platform. Through a individual configuration can decide the customer intervals at which he would like to have the information. The integrated motion detector sends an SMS to a previously defined telephone number when unwanted activities and switches from the sleep mode in the locate mode. Thus can be guaranteed, that the current position is transferred at any time in case of a possible theft and in due time appropriate measures taken.

In addition to the traditional container tracking, the device also for the detection of construction machinery, trailers, can be use transport containers, containers of construction of or other movable goods. The device comes with an IP65 housing incl. batteries, mounting base and mobile wireless card and is configured ready for installation. The installation can be made by means of screws, rivets or an optional magnet and guarantees a firm seating. An installation instructions, as well as the necessary mounting materials are supplied with the unit. Give thieves a chance to steal their property and protect your belongings and goods with the HC2000 of HIMATIC GmbH HIMATIC GmbH R. from anitha Abraham