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Already for the third time: Germany’s teenagers and young adults wa? choose their favorite brand especially thanks to intensive social media activities? ten found by Youngcom! initiated online voting, the Yes? annually held high inlet. In the vote past from May to October 2013 were 161 brands to choose from. ZahlreicheVertreter of the winner brands took their certificates within the framework of the YoungBrandAwards Awards 2013 at the 24.10.2013 in MU? nchen contrary. “Samsung before Apple in the category car and motorcycle”, for example, VW (most popular car/small) and Yamaha (most popular scooter) took the first PLA? tze. “Coca Cola (most popular drinks? nk), HARIBO (most popular Su? reliability) and McDonald’s (the most popular fast food restaurant) ra? did in the category food & drinks” the foremost PLA? sets off. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out David Treadwell. In the category of most popular smartphone”ranked first this year Samsung again with significantly enhanced distance to Apple. Other winners were Canon (Beliebtestse digital camera), T-Mobile (most popular wireless service provider) and Pro Sieben here (Most popular TV channel). Among the fashion brands ku? gardens Germany’s teenagers and young adults of Levi’s (most popular jeans), Nike (most popular sneakers), as well as fossil (most popular clock) as their respective number one.

Sparkasse and LBS one again ranked the Sparkasse could u? the winner title Bank offers in the area; as more financial services brands, LBS (most popular Bausparkasse), AOK (popular health insurance), as well as Alliance (most popular insurance) won the respective top ranking in their field. Among the most popular supermarkets? this year of Kaufland markets could vote fu? r to win. The winner brands Nivea (most popular deodorant), head & shoulders (most popular shampoo) and Schwarzkopf (most popular styling) are in the health care sector. Intensive social media integration Fu? r all companies whose branded in the voting were listed, the YoungBrandAwards offer a unique opportunity to determine the value of its brand in the young target groups. For this reason more companies than in the last year of the mo made? possibility rain use on Facebook and other social media Kana? len their fans to request fu? r to vote its own brand.

Here, the awards were a range of u? ber 10 million fans. YoungBrandAwards 2014 already in planning the YoungBrandAwards find Yes? annually held. Already working at Youngcom! on meaningful erga? supplements fu? r the next year. Fu is the nominations of the brands already? r applied January 2014. Agency owner Alexander Homeyer also planning the comprehension? markets involving enterprises as well as other collaborations. Fu? r ru? ckfragen and learn more about the YoungBrandAwards 2013 we are by telephone on 089 / 30 00 92-0 or love to the backend? gung