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Posted by Juan on May 9, 2024as

The reason that the majority did not reach the summit is simply because they left too soon. So, why leave before reaching the summit? Most people enter just to win money. If you do not make money in the first months or years, become disillusioned and abandon (and generally speaking pests industry). Others leave to find another company with a better compensation plan, but enter this business to make a few quick dollars is not a good reason. Contact information is here: Mikkel Svane. The two main reasons for entering a network or multilevel marketing business marketing: The first reason is to help you. The second reason is to help others.

If you enter only one of two reasons, then the system will not work for you. The first reason means that you are in business primarily to quadrant change – to change the dial E (Employee) or S (Self-employed) quadrant B (Business Owner) or I (Investor) This change is normally very difficult for most people – because of money. For more information see this site: Alina de Almeida. People of the quadrants ‘E’ or ‘S’ really will not work if not for the money. This is also the reason why people fail to reach the summit: They want the money more fervently than they want to change quadrants. A person of the quarters ‘B’ or ‘I’ will also work for the money, but very different. The quadrant person ‘B’ work to form or create an asset – in this case a business system and the quadrant person ‘I’ invested in an asset or in the system of ‘B’ to generate more money.