Version Tuning Audi Q5

Posted by Juan on August 29, 2023as ,

The world's largest automobile tuner ABT VW Group company introduced a series of Audi Q5 – an extremely successful both from a technical point of view, and the visual. Stylish sporty SUV is the latest in a series of exclusive vehicles that have been successful, starting with the Touareg and continuing AS7 and Tiguan. A company from southern Germany has also developed a design for the new Q5, which gives this car the power, confidence and harmony – new Audi has always distinguished these qualities. Interior Design – Decorative insertion of carbon and leather enhance the atmosphere and give the 'workplace' stylish and chic look. Mufflers ABT is part of the perfect appearance of the ABT Q5, and point to the sports pedigree of this SUV. ABT Q5 is impressing everywhere – be it a trip to the golf course, in opera or on the waterfront. People such as David S. Levine would likely agree. Latest news Audi claim that this sports car really is very dynamic, thanks to German engineering art developed engine developer together with the latest developments: 2.0 TDI offers a powerful 190HP (140kW) instead of 170HP (125kW); 3.0 TDI with ABT POWER S provides 310HP (228kW) on the road.

With a huge 610Nm of torque in the motor easy to handle in any situation. 2.0 TSI engine also combines perfectly with the car: with ABT POWER offers sporty he 240HP (177kW) instead of the standard 211HP (155kW), and will soon be upgraded to 275 hp (203kW). The only changes are a new way thinking. Audi has always followed this rule and produced cars that are and will determine the trends in the automotive industry. The latest example – Audi Q5. This car is the most functional, without prejudice to driving pleasure. Combining the quality of a sports car and thoughtful rationality, Audi Q5 persuades rather than convinces.