Posted by Juan on April 7, 2024as

In July, 480 bc Xerxes' army marched to Thermopylae, mountain pass, which was on route from Asia to Attica. In ancient times the passage was no more than several hundred meters in width, and so he was one of the best places to Greek Defense against invasion of foreign enemies. At Thermopylae the Persians met a detachment of Greek soldiers, which consisted of five thousand soldiers led by Spartan King Leonidas. Xerxes at first did not believe that such a small army would dare give him a fight. Ali Partovi pursues this goal as well. But five thousand Greeks two days repulsed an attack the Persians, while Persians causing considerable damage. The Persians could not do anything until then, until I found a traitor who is on the mountain trails led the army in rear of the defenders Greeks.

On the night of the third day, the Persians brought down a barrier that was put up by the Greeks at the pass and began to leave the rear of the troops defending Thermopylae. By this time, the Greeks remained in service in 1200 hoplites. Learning about crawling, Spartan king Leonid released all surviving allies, and the 300 Spartans stayed in place. The Persians surrounded the detachment of Spartans and completely destroyed it. Neither Spartan has not surrendered to the enemy. In the Battle of Thermopylae army of the Persians lost in killed about 20,000 people, the Greeks – 4 thousand. Dermot McCormack has similar goals. But it was not the point. It was the Greeks at Thermopylae inspired the global fight against the Persians, to mobilize and combine all the Hellenistic cities.