The Spaniard

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He wanted to downplay the confusion with the national anthem. Talk with your computer to see if he attends the Tour de France. Became champion of the Giro in Milan this Sunday. Pinto also showed his support to the rider after his victory. Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador on Monday received the homage of the community of Madrid for having won his second Giro of Italy and a bath of multitudes was given before their fans when getting from Esperanza Aguirre, regional President, a commemorative plaque for being the best athlete. Unlike other occasions, Alberto Contador was not released to salute from the balcony of the Presidency of the community of Madrid, and the Act of homage was developed entirely within the governmental headquarters. Esperanza Aguirre, President of the community of Madrid, received the rider at the headquarters of the regional government and handed him a plaque for his victory in the Giro.

Counter, in return, presented him with a Jersey pink that the President have no doubt in tested. Pinto cyclist rated this victory at the Giro, incredible and very special since it has been very elaborate.I started to prepare it since December. Be celebrating this victory is something dream, something I have striven much. Now the first thing I do is retrieve me from the effort, because I need a minimum two weeks to listen to your body and think if I am able to cope with the Tour de France, said Contador. The madrileno athlete also took the opportunity to thank the tokens of affection that other athletes as Eddy Mercx have had with him after winning this turn, but assured that there be given importance since this is a wheel and the only thing you need to do is to continue working.