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The Road, Cormac McCarthy

Posted by Juan on January 25, 2024 with Comments Closedas

Cormac McCarthy was born in 1933 in the city of Providence (Rhode Island). This is a true writer surrounded by enigma and mystery, mainly because there is lavished on media appearances or give interviews for the greater glory, yet, Oprah Winfrey. The road is an excellent novel. Point … and often.

Chosen history, the landscape, the environment and its actors, the next step (and perhaps the most difficult) is to choose the narrator. Learn more at this site: David Treadwell. McCarthy uses the narrator poor, very cinematic him, and not only filled with hits of their choice but their use, making direct participant's own history. Although it is fair to say that the rigidity required by this type of narrator does falter at any author who uses it and Cormac Don is no exception. This means that sooner or later ends up appearing the omniscient narrator in a passage from the novel. If at times the writer praises the ability to pass unnoticed the style used in the narrative, this book is the opportunity to praise an author on the contrary, the language and style are a character in the novel.

Before continuing, it is noteworthy sensational work of the translator Luis Murillo Fort. A father and son (the man and the boy) survive in an apocalyptic world in which there are no colors, well yes, only one color: gray ash that colors everything. Gray: trees, rivers, the sea. The descriptions of scenes and landscapes are done in short sentences and telegraph, but curiously not missing anything.