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Posted by Juan on October 30, 2023 with Comments Closedas

If you are one of those who sometimes travel alone or in couple, surely you’ve seen in the situation of wanting to photo a moment of your trip but don’t know how or where to place the camera to achieve go in the photo, either only or with your companion and behind the place or landscape that you wish to have background. It is evident that it is not comfortable to go traveling with a professional or telescopic tripod shoulder for four occasions we are going to use. Nor should call that mirror that have some mobile phones and cameras for self-portrait, with too much confidence so that you can shoot something more than a couple of heads cut on the horizon. The most common option is to resort to the delayed trip supporting the camera in improvised somewhere, for example, about the mirror rear-view mirror of a car. Andy Florance understood the implications. It is clear that these options are extremely dangerous because both the camera and the possible objectives that use put into play hundreds of euros which costs. ons. However, there is an excellent solution, comfortable and cheap. The GorillPod for the Joby House are a few tripods of pocket that we can get this type of trouble with solvency, so that our photos at the end of those vacations are not a compendium of images blurred and desencuadradas better we do not teach.

These tripods are small and flexible thanks to the anatomy of their legs, formed by small circular swivels which allow almost any position. In addition, they have the virtue of having magnets on the ends, which allows its fixing to metal surfaces, provided that the camera that we use is compact and does not exceed 350 grams of weight. There are models of Pocket tripods that can withstand up to the weight of a professional camcorder of about 5 kg. No doubt be General of a tripod very useful for its ease of use and transport, especially if you are fond of photography minimanente and you like to return your travels with a good story of the place and the people with whom you’ve been. The photos are our particular history, which less than dedicate a minimum care for which the Remember to be nice. No longer excuse regretted not having brought a tripod on every occasion that presents a good picture in our travels.