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Posted by Juan on May 6, 2014 with Comments Closedas ,

So, Putzteufel in each corner come no matter whether phone, computer or electric shaver. More and more electronics works without cables. For devices with low power consumption, the use of batteries almost in each area is possible. But what about high-performance vacuum cleaners? The free online auction site has discovered on the international radio exhibition in Berlin models, work on battery power. Most vacuum cleaners deliver power over 1000 watts.

The higher the power, the more thoroughly the suction result. But what good is it if at the housecleaning some corners never get a vacuum cleaner to face, because no electrical outlet nearby is easy? His Ergorapido AEG uses a 12-volt lithium ion battery. Before the unit inside the charging base must, may be drawn for 20 minutes. The successor Ergorapido plus will be available from November in the trade. It enables a suction of 30 minutes with 18 volts. Alternatively, Miele is a hybrid solution.

In the cable operation the unit provides 1800 Watts and cleans almost any surface so. At the same time the integrated battery is charged. If necessary it is thus possible to on battery power to switch. But only for 20 minutes and a 600-Watt performance reduced. In addition, that the devices are still quite expensive. Miele is the most expensive price recommendation to dealers with 519 euro for the hybrid vacuum cleaner. AEG is 160 euro for the Ergorapido plus 210 euro for the Ergorapido.