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The Revenge Of Dara Queiroz

Posted by Juan on July 20, 2019 with Comments Closedas

They would pay She would make them to fall of knees its front. She felt to grow the fury in its chest. Nothing more she would be as before. They would torment never more it It was not very articulated, nor very articulated nor very popular. It could be if she wanted. She was what she liked to think. The stranger is that it really wanted to be more popular, prettier, to have more friends, then why he did not have? The world was simple pra it, everything a will question, if it wanted could dominate the world.

it, again, wanted; Why then it did not obtain? All its return if strengtove less than it, it always made everything better and faster than everybody. Why it was the only one that she was not recognized? It desired more strong than everybody. Why, only explains why, it to me was the only one that she never obtained to carry through none of its dreams? It definitively deserved to be happy. But never she obtained. It suffered and cried more than all the others, and now she recognized fatigued that the greater amongst the failed ones became. Its fight arrived at the end and it lost.

Everything where she believed the entire life it was made a mistake. Now that it did not remain more nothing, fear, shame, love or compassion, felt the hatred to dominate its acts and can see more clearly all. Nobody never would come to rescue it. if it wanted to save its soul was better she made that it for same itself. She would wash the podrido of its soul in the blood of its enemies. Its green eyes now ardiam and who looked at would see red and paranormal a brightness. If somebody the least had looked at for it per thirty seconds or less in that day.