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'We have shown that by manipulating the same time, as the light that illuminates the event reaches the viewer, perhaps in some way to hide the flow of time. If you stand at the end of the corridor and carry out a similar manipulation of a person walking on the corridor, then to the casual observer it will move in spurts. So theoretically, this person will be able to do something so that an observer will not notice ', – he continued. Previously, scientists have managed to make the light round certain objects, thus making them invisible. But this is another invention, assured the researcher Alberto Favaro. Here, the light bends around objects do not. 'Imagine that you want to cross the road, complete moving vehicles without stopping the movement there. To do this, you slow down those cars that have not yet reached the pedestrian crossing, and cars that are passing or have already passed it, you accelerate.

Because of this there is a gap in the thick of vehicles in which a pedestrian can cross the road. Although the observer, who was on another site would be expensive, would have seen a continuous stream of cars' – said Favaro. To create a temporary span a two-billionths of a second, the researchers took more than three kilometers of fiber optic cable wound on a reel. With current technology, to hide a second time, you will need more than 300 million km of cable, but if the speed of light will reduce, it will be able to hide from sight, and longer intervals vremeni.Opyat forecast cataclysmic forecasts of Spanish scholars to the end of the XXI century part of the territory on Earth will be flooded because of rising oceans, and in other parts of the world comes the ice age. This writes the RBC daily.

According to scientists from the University of Seville, in the next 100 years the oceans will make a serious offensive on land. Researchers believe that the cause of rising water in the ocean is warming. Until the end of this century under the water may be Denmark, the Netherlands, Scotland and Iceland. Flood threat and will affect island states in the Southern Hemisphere, located in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. But the Earth and threatening other natural disaster. Because of the cooling sea of the Gulf Stream in the UK, Ireland and parts of Canada can come ice age, scientists say. The computer model showed that at the present time in the oceans there are processes similar to those that have taken place on earth to be the last ice age 20 thousand years ago. According to the researchers, at that point in the was not the Gulf Stream.

Academician Zel

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J. B. Zeldovich and RA Sunyaev. At a given temperature, which can be determined by X-ray spectrum of the gas, its brightness depends on the radius of a cloud of gas and the electron density in it. On the other hand, from the same quantities depends on the shift to shorter wavelengths illuminating the background galaxy cluster radio relic – the interaction of its photons with electrons of the gas leads to an increase in their energy. So way, for the unknown radius of the cloud of gas and the electron density in it, there are two equations that can define a linear radius of the cloud of gas in the cluster, and comparing it to the corner – a distance that, together with a red displacement of the cluster gives the Hubble constant. Do cosmologists finally there is hope to determine the Hubble constant, without intermediaries, without the long ladder of intermediate stages, although in this way are still many difficulties. The most likely contenders for the role of the media are now hidden mass of the neutrino.

This hypothesis put forward by the Hungarian astrophysicists D. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source. Marx, and S. Salai, was particularly likely in 1980, when the signs of the existence of a neutrino rest mass have been observed experimentally Moscow physicist VA Lyubimov and his staff. If this is confirmed – what's there is little doubt – have to admit that the weight of all that we see in the universe, to order of magnitude smaller neutrino masses! If the average density of the universe would be so small as it is obtained from estimates of "apparent" weight in it, for the formation of its current structure at the time of birth of the CMB should would be large fluctuations in density, which now would be observed as the heterogeneity of the background CMB. However, they are absent, and the most likely explanation is that 90 – 98% of the mass of the Universe lies in the massive neutrinos. Apparently, the average density of the universe above the critical temperature.

The universe is closed and the observed expansion is now over billions of years old will be replaced by contraction. The proof of this has far-reaching implications for physics and for cosmology, which we can not touch. We note only that they do not change the basic provisions developed by Academician Zel'dovich and his colleagues of the theory of galaxy formation, according to which of the primary density fluctuations occur first condensations with masses of order 1015 solar masses – as a supercluster of galaxies, we need only assume that this accumulation of neutrinos, which are then attracted to the "usual" particles. Of these particles by the fragmentation of condensations of the primary construct proto-clusters of galaxies and protogalaxy, and neutrinos, which lies in the lion's share of substance remain in the central parts of clusters in the crowns galaxies that are in contact with each other. The initial thickening, according to Zel'dovich, are flat extended entities ("pancakes"), which intersect with each other to form a cellular structure resembling lather. This structure must be inherited and the modern distribution of galaxy clusters, which, as it follows in particular from studies of JE Einasto, actually located mainly in relatively thin intersecting layers and chains – in the walls of the honeycomb structure with a characteristic size of about 100 Mpc. For final proof of the existence of the universe like a huge void needed massive determine the redshifts of distant galaxies, which are still very few.


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