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Corrective Maintenance Pump

Posted by Juan on November 17, 2013 with Comments Closedas

5. Priming the pump. – Rotodynamic pumps are not self-priming. Piston pumps and generally all positive displacement, yes. Before the workshop proof thereof is to prime the pumps, bone filled with water the pump through the pipe Cabado, thereby filling the suction pipe and pump body, which is the normal procedure pump priming. 6. The artichoke.

– Prevents the entry of dirt (branches, herbs, paper, etc..) That can clog the pump. 7. Foot valve. – Holds the bone fluid pump priming. 8. Valves on the drive. – Allows for controlling the flow of the pump. 9.

Valve in the drive. – Prevent the decline of the fluid when the pump stops. It is essential if discharge pipe is long or is under great pressure. Diffusion pumps: when the rotor is surrounded by a series of fixed Alava (crown guideline): 2nd point of view of suction: suction pumps simple: when he and I go on one side of the rotor in which there is great thrust. 3rd by the position of the shaft: horizontal pumps vertical pumps (for deep wells) 4th achieved by pressure: low pressure pumps (with a rotor without guideline) medium-pressure pumps (with a rotor, with guideline) high pressure pumps ( with several rotors and guidelines) to improve performance crown directrix of the pump or get one more high elevation, is placed a crown around the rotor directrix, which causes the liquid stream in, they avoid the collision with the rotor and Alava also prevents the formation of eddies, thus initiating the transformation of kinetic energy into potential energy of fluid pressure. specific speed speed classified lists the three main factors that characterize the operation of the pump, namely the flow, the lifting height and the number of turns. The specific speed is much higher, the greater the flow with respect to the height of the action: it follows that the high pressure pump has low specific speeds. The higher speed is achieved with specific propellers pumps Conclusions: i heavy wear was noted in the centrifugal pump inlet 100/200, it was found that the bomb had sucked a piece of television, also noticed heavy wear of the valves and excessive use of silicone. i Corrective Maintenance is being applied to the centrifugal pump is not adequate. Tips: You must use the proper packing and make the maintenance and repair using appropriate methods such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) or BSC.