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Alfred Wegener

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The land was one day congregated in one alone place, in an only continent. (Not to be confused with Dermot McCormack!). Certain day, it was distributed by fiction and was changedded into some continents. This event was registered in the Bible by means of a birth, the birth of a called baby Pelegue (Gn 10,25). Andy Florance is often quoted on this topic. Here it is the way as the tremendous event was told: ' ' The ber had been born two children: one had for Pelegue name, inasmuch as in its days if it distributed terra' '. This event was so important that in the book of I Chronic 1,19, the same phrase is repeated.

In the eastern seniority it was costumava in accordance with to give to names to the children certain important events. It is interesting to stand out that the ber name means ' ' Unio' ' the Pelegue name means ' ' Diviso' '. A German climatologista called Alfred Wegener considered scientific evidence to support the idea that the continents one day had been together. This land only it called ' ' Pangea' '. According to it, when the Pangea if left, it was changedded, initially, in two super continents: the North that it called of Laurasia and the South that called Gondwanalndia. Alfred Lothar Wegener (1880-1930) was a proponent German meteorologista of the theory of the tectnicas plates and the continental drift. The initial formation of Wegener was made in the area of astronomy, having concluded a doutoramento in 1904 in the University of Berlin. However, always it had interest for the geophysicist and one became also interested in the emergent fields of meteorology and climatologia. In 1906 Wegener it was part of an expedition to the Gronelndia (the Gronelndia is a Danish region autonomous that the same occupies the adjacent island of name and islands, to the plaza of the northeast coast of the North America) with the objective to study the circulation of the polar air masses.

Sustainable Development

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The nature has wants to be seen through its autarchy in the society as a whole, and not more only as a Natural resources. The study of the nature in itself, of natural processes in its autonomy, it is sine qua non condition for its use for the modern society. more still, is prerequisite an indispensable one to decide the enormous ambient problems placed by this use of intensive form, one of the great challenges of century XXI. Then for a boarding of the problematic ones in relation to the nature we cannot agree to palliative measures, we must search concrete solutions and of reach macro. In the process of implementation of the sustainable development the Ambient Education becomes a practical basic instrument for one not reflexiva one of the consumption of the natural goods. the ambient education is consolidated as an important tool for the absorption of the Sustainable Development. The education of Geography, accepting acriticamente the one intentions ' ' education ambiental' ' previously formulated for the Sustainable Development, it finishes for taking care of to the doubtless interests of the ruling class. (OLIVEIRA.

2003, p, 135) One of the forms to lead to practical of reflective education the communities he is for the direct action of the professor in the classroom and extracurricular activities. Through activities as, pertaining to school reading, works, analyze research and debates, the pupils will be able to understand and to weave problematic that they affect the community where they live; to reflect and to criticize the actions which is influenced in its conviviality. The professors are the basic part in the process of awareness of the society against the ideology of the sustainable development, therefore they will search in with its pupils reflections about the use and consumption of the nature, transforming them into conscientious and compromised citizens with the society. In other terms, the knowledge to be reached in education, in the perspective of a critical geography, does not be situated in the professor or science to be ' ' ensinada' ' or vulgarized, and yes in the Real, the way where pupil and professor are situated and are fruit of the prxis collective of the social groups.

Francisco Matarazzo

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To prevent males bigger, Getlio government Vargas grants to moratorium ace debts and decrees the Law of Usury. While the necessary agriculture I assist of it governmental to survive, the industry, that also passes for tragic vicissitudes, does without the intervention in its favor. All the times that are consulted, when the federal government speaks […]

The Conquests

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In this manner, the end of referidaguerra mark, also, the beginning of new a rearrangement of the capitalism, opening-seperspectivas for the revolution scientific-technique. It was the moment, according to Santos& Silveira (2001), to launch the origin of the domination of the world for the firmasmultinacionais, being thus prepared all the world-wide spaces for a novaaventura […]