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Swabian Specialities With A Modern Touch

Posted by Juan on January 11, 2024 with Comments Closedas

“Molecular cooking in the restaurant ‘ to the Ephesians in bad Ditzenbach bad Ditzenbach, the September 25, 2011 how to refine traditional Swabian specialities for the tricks and tricks of molecular gastronomy, showed the first molecular cooking in the restaurant zum Lamm” in bad Ditzenbach. This guest house in the upper Valley of the Fils is known for generations for its traditional cuisine and is regularly mentioned in the Michelin Guide. Now celebrity chef Heiko Antoniewicz declared the restaurants as well as a handful of passionate hobby chefs, the team with the molecular cuisine, it has, and how they can be combined with regional dishes. For more specific information, check out Energy Capital Partners. About the press I became aware of Heiko Antoniewicz and molecular cooking. Then I I just thought that it would be an asset for a traditional restaurant like ours, to deal with”, reported innkeeper Beatrix Zumbuhl. And I must say, my expectations have been more than fulfilled. The molecular cooking offers a lot more exciting and practical suggestions for us but also for ambitious hobby chefs.” Soon shows itself during the course in bad Ditzenbach, that it was subject to the term molecular gastronomy with many prejudices.

Looking in vain for a chemistry set, and even without a degree in physics, home cooks can follow professional even if with liquid nitrogen and the Bunsen burner also AIDS are used, which are rarely found in a kitchen. Artificial food additives not be used, what was very surprised”, Beatrix Zumbuhl marvels. Quite the contrary. Aim the tips and tricks we’ve learned much more aims, using simple techniques, I knew from the biology, chemistry, or physics lessons, food and ingredients expertly to refine. As a down and back with AHA effect.” As experts the Lamb had invited the celebrity chef Heiko Antoniewicz, 1988 received the title of “Champion of salmon”, and which was named “Chef of the year” in 1990.