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Airplane Transition

Posted by Juan on September 6, 2017 with Comments Closedas ,

Have you ever dreamed of, so to travel the world on his private plane, but do not spend money on renting a car? Is now possible! Modern technologies are developing so rapidly that soon we will not will have to buy expensive tickets and endure long, exhausting queues that would just get on a plane and fly! American company Terrafugia created a car that can fly is called a miracle Transition and it is not just kidding! has this 'riding the plane' or 'flying car' hundred-horsepower engine that feeds on ordinary gasoline, and basic characteristics are as follows: range 740 miles, a cruising speed in the air 185 km / h, the fuel tank – 75.7 liters fuel consumption in the air – 19 liters per hour, on the road – 7.84 liters per 100 kilometers. On the highway, the car pulled the front drive wheels in the air – that would manage vint.No Transition customary rights will not be enough to be licensed pilots, and there are people in the world is not much, but it costs only 194 000 dollars, and it's very cheap for a two-seater aircraft, and even cars in one, so that the demand for it will, and competitors had fewer than the fingers on one hand! engineer, creator of the Transition and co-founder Carl Dietrich Terrafugia-(Carl Dietrich) says: 'This is a breakthrough in the world of personal mobility. Travel can now represent Mixed experience "air / earth 'no hassle. This is something that enthusiasts of aviation have sought since 1918 '. By and large competitors in Transition unavailable. True, the Transition Supply deadline first customers was somewhat moved – in 2011 god.No is truly a breakthrough in technology and it really flies, it gives us hope for the success of this project! Everything is new and fun look at the group and website TopAuto. Thank you See you later!


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Fishing fond of long ago. And now there is a suitable machine. All wheel drive, 2.7 liter. With manual gearbox. I have enough. Third year of the car, but from the first day there was a problem – the dirt and moisture in the cabin, the seats in particular (after fishing).

And if your floor is You can eliminate it with sidushki more difficult – the moisture is absorbed into the seats … The decision arose by one – avtochehly on the seat. Break the Internet – covers are. But the thing: good, well-known brands – well, very expensive. A Chinese … addresses the importance of the matter here. Well, Maybe someday they will learn and make covers for car seats, and while I think poshukayu yet. And he found here:. Imagine a bag of very durable, waterproof material, contractible along the sides of filaments.

This bag fits over the entire seat (!), and not separately on the back and sidushki. Cords on each side and tightened the bag takes the form of the seat! Dress cover 3 minutes. Remove even easier, but it all depends on how much is it water, mud, grass and leaves. Incidentally, this is a godsend for a hunter with a dog! Satisfied with this content at 5 +. So is this miracle-in-One avtochehly EXPLORER. And the details. Production: Israel (these guys are experts in specific products). Material: Fabric Cordura (do not know what it is, but strong and not get wet). Pile all bells and whistles: pockets, snap hooks, zippers, etc. I almost forgot! They exist in two versions: only the front seats and the entire cabin. At the rear covers are made of lightning to be able to lay out the seat in parts. But I have not tried it since I only have the front seat. And finally: the fishermen, hunters, tourists and extreme highly recommend: and more:. Check for yourself. I wish everyone on this long live!

New Generation Vehicle

Posted by Juan on September 9, 2014 with Comments Closedas ,

Honda FCX Clarity (Honda) is a new generation of car that runs on hydrogen fuel. Emission of harmful substances in the work of such a car is zero. The only substances secreted by the work vehicle is water. For driving a combination of new compact lithium-ion batteries and a single tank with liquid hydrogen. A […]