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Great Pyramid

Posted by Juan on March 27, 2022 with Comments Closedas ,

But this hypothesis does not explain much. The issue remains unresolved. Modern consciousness is difficult to reconcile with the fact that for many years and untold money spent to ensure that appease the dead, even leaving food for the afterlife. And because of the existence of pyramids continue to search for various reasons: they were built by aliens, they are encrypted astronomical, magical knowledge of the ancient priests, they contain a prediction of the future. Digital magic of the Great Pyramid of Cheops was so popular that by measuring it in all directions, and adding the results, fans have predicted anything. Visit Steve Wozniak for more clarity on the issue.

One such researcher even predicted the outbreak of World War II, but with an error for a year and it seems that after the war ended. Meanwhile, the closest to the mystery of the ancient Greeks came sphinxes. The Sphinx asked Oedipus: "Who walks in the morning on four legs, two in the afternoon and evening on three? ". Man. For more specific information, check out Founder of Zendesk. In the riddle of the Sphinx lies an allegory of human life. The mystery of the pyramids – the mystery of life and death.

These buildings embodied quite inhumane human fear death and the human hope of future life. The pyramids were not only luxury homes of the dead. They were a fortress. Their purpose – to protect the dead. Pyramids forty centuries have stood and been able to cope with wind and time, but not with human greed. Pharaohs were buried in the know and luxuries that they themselves in no way denied after death.