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Napoleon Hill

Posted by Juan on March 29, 2020 with Comments Closedas

To paraphrase the saying of the Galician “in exchange pesetas nobody gives a hard” Now you are in front of your PC, you enter the virtual world, the Internet, your mind is mistaken for a parallel world or something. And you begin to participate in stories similar to that rejected a minute before your ride. You have distorted the reality, have you forgotten that at the other end always, always there is a person and when you get it re-enters the real world. Do you see where you want to take? In your tour, the contact was face to face and now through the virtual environment, but you’re still in the real world. Solidly anchor the idea in your mind, when you feel tempted to get involved in these programs, systems in which business and expect to win paradise for nothing. The better you will leave will lose much of your precious time sitting behind your PC, then you are still in the real world where no one gives in return for hard pesetas.

Desalinizes guys do not mean is that I see a lot of talent wasted. Feel your feet on the ground, humanity is still the same, only now we have a highway for communication. Have you read the classics about business, money and success as Napoleon Hill and Robert Kiyosaky? You can download several of them from these links. Enjoy them on the principles that move the business, money and success in general and were discovered centuries ago and you will find in these works, without exception, all those who have succeeded have had to invest time and money in themselves.