Strategy Objectives

Posted by Juan on June 19, 2024

"LO is not measured, not controlled and can not improve" Expression adapted by the international consultant Ricardo Hirata. Indeed if we have a good strategy, good products and excellent processes, and then we can efficiently measure and compensate employees appropriately based on the achievement of objectives and strategy? Kappler and Norton in his book on Balanced Scorecard give us guides to take our measurement systems to the level of business strategy, using financial perspective, customer, internal and innovation. You dear reader, you can pursue the subject further, because the important thing is that the organization defines its strategy (mission, vision, strategic objectives), once defined the objectives related to each perspective, we may be making a Dashboard. But do we measure? 1. Define or strengthen the Strategy: A company or organization must have clearly defined their strategy, whether generic or specific, speaking of cost, differentiation or focus. The once defined strategy must be communicated to all levels of the company. This includes establishing the mission and vision, but the strategic objectives that the company hopes to achieve.

2. Inform. Learn more on the subject from Sandra Akmansoy. We say that the best strategy is that all employees of the organization can paraphrase. Communication is important for the uptake and Strategy to be guided by different levels of the company. 3rd. Building Indicators. Seem difficult, but measuring points should be established for all areas of the company, generating meters that are aligned with company strategy. For example if the company is innovative because it does not measure how many new products launched per year.